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This is the signed version, which will be signed by Chin and Choo them seleves.


ALL NEW RECIPES, this is a completely different cookbook, its covers the dishes that aren't seen on most takeaway menus or lesser known, like General Tso Chicken, Twice cooked pork and Orange chicken as well so some favourite that I couldn't fit in the 1st book, like Aromatic duck and Garlic fried rice. This book will be a hardback and have over 150 new recipes in! 30 more than in the 1st.


Again this isn't a re-edit, its a completey new book!


Please know there may be a delay on any orders containing this book as we are still working though the pre order version, this hopefully wont be long as we are almost though them




Unfortunatly we are no longer shipping internationally, but will have a kindle edition at some point after the pyshcial release.


I'm aware the cover is covered in misspellings, this is just a mock up :) but huge thanks to everyone thats let me know, show how many people care that we get it right!


This is our new book

Signed -1st edition - Ziangs NEW CookBook: Part Deux - Hardback

  • Contents (not in order

    1. Sticky Honey chicken

    2. Crispy Shredded Honey chilli Chicken

    3. Crispy Shredded Honey and Garlic Chilli Chicken

    4. Crispy Shredded Honey and Garlic Chilli beef

    5. Crispy Shredded Honey and garlic chilli King prawns

    6. Shredded crispy chilli chicken

    7. Salt and Chilli Chicken

    8. Salt and Chilli Squid

    9. Salt and chilli spare ribs

    10. Salt and Chill Chips

    11. Salt and Chilli Chicken (with crispy crumb)

    12. Salt and Chilli Squid (with crispy crumb)

    13. Salt and Chilli spare ribs (with crispy crumb)

    14. Salt and Chilli Chips (with crispy crumb)

    15. Vodka Battered salt and pepper chips

    16. Aromatic crispy duck wraps

    17. Aromatic crispy Lamb

    18. Chilli and garlic crispy chicken

    19. Chilli and garlic crispy beef

    20. Chilli and garlic crispy king prawns

    21. Chilli and garlic chicken

    22. Chilli and garlic beef

    23. Chilli and garlic king prawn

    24. Mongolian beef

    25. Mongolian lamb

    26. Chinese roast pork Aka Char Siu (oven version)

    27. Kung Po crispy chicken

    28. Kung Po shredded crispy beef

    29. Kung Po crispy king prawns

    30. Wondering Dragon

    31. Happy Families

    32. Hot and Sour soup (The more traditional version)

    33. Twice cooked pork

    34. Beef Ho Fun (dry)

    35. Chicken Ho Fun (dry)

    36. Char Siu Ho Fun (dry)

    37. King Prawn Ho Fun (dry)

    38. Special Ho Fun (dry)

    39. Beef Ho Fun (in clear sauce)

    40. Chicken Ho Fun (in clear sauce)

    41. Char Siu Ho Fun (in clear sauce)

    42. King Prawn Ho Fun (in clear sauce)

    43. Special Ho Fun (in clear sauce)

    44. Chicken Lo Mein

    45. Beef Lo Mein

    46. Char Siu Lo Mein

    47. King Prawn Lo Mein

    48. Special Lo Mein

    49. Orange chicken

    50. Crispy Lamb

    51. General Tso chicken

    52. Beef in black pepper sauce

    53. Garlic sauce

    54. Velveting chicken

    55. Poached velveted chicken

    56. Velveted beef super bicarb version

    57. Sesame chicken toast

    58. Chicken in lettuce wrap

    59. Jumbo chow suey rolls

    60. Jumbo pancake rolls (Ham and shrimp)

    61. Jumbo fried rice and curry rolls

    62. Jumbo Cheese and Chicken rolls

    63. Jumbo cheesy salt and pepper rolls

    64. Chicken in peking sauce

    65. Chicken Foo Young (with Gravy)

    66. Beef Foo Young (with Gravy)

    67. Char Siu Foo young (with Gravy)

    68. King Prawn Foo Young (with gravy)

    69. Special Foo young (with Gravy)

    70. Billy Kee Chicken

    71. Chinese Gravy

    72. Chinese aromatic oil

    73. Spice Bag

    74. Crispy Smoked Chilli Chicken

    75. Dave Wongs Smoked Chilli Chicken

    76. Canton King Prawns

    77. Canton chicken

    78. Sillzling beef

    79. Bang Bang Chicken

    80. Cream of chicken soup

    81. Easy Sweet and sour sauce

    82. Siu Mai

    83. King Do chicken

    84. King Do beef

    85. King do king prawns

    86. King do spare ribs

    87. Lobster with ginger and Spring Onions

    88. Shanghai beef

    89. Salt and chilli fried rice

    90. Salt and chilli chow mein

    91. Thin noodle preparation

    92. Thin noodle Chicken chow mein

    93. Thin noodle beef chow mein

    94. Thin noodle Char Siu chow mein

    95. Thin noodle king prawn chow mein

    96. Special Thin noodle chow mein

    97. Thin noodle Chicken chow mein (in sauce)

    98. Thin noodle beef chow mein (in sauce)

    99. Thin noodle Char Siu chow mein (in sauce)

    100. Thin noodle king prawn chow mein (in sauce)

    101. Special Thin noodle chow mein (in sauce)

    102. Crispy chicken and king prawn Chow mein

    103. Beef and Mushroom in black bean sauce

    104. Rib Hong Kong style

    105. Pork balls (non Char Siu version)

    106. Dan dan noodles

    107. Lychee Chicken

    108. Sticky sesame seed chicken

    109. Spicy sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style

    110. Spicy sweet and sour Pork Hong Kong style

    111. Spicy sweet and sour shredded beef

    112. Singapore Satay Mi Fun noodles 

    113. Spicy Malaysian fired rice

    114. Chinese roasted duck breast

    115. Duck chow mein

    116. Duck curry

    117. Duck fried rice

    118. Duck in spring onion and ginger

    119. Duck in garlic and spring onion

    120. Duck in capital sauce

    121. Cumin lamb

    122. Black bean ho fun

    123. Sichuan style spicy pepper corn chicken

    124. Drunken chicken

    125. Drunken beef

    126. Drunken king prawns

    127. Drunken noodles

    128. Singapore style salt and chilli chicken

    129. Chinese takeaway fried 1/2 chicken

    130. Apricot Crispy Chicken

    131. Apricot Crispy Duck

    132. Spicy Doh Ban Chicken Wings

    133. Spicy Doh Ban Spare Ribs

    134. Crispy Sweet Beef

    135. Satay sauce

    136. Cantonese sauce

    137. Peking sauce

    138. Capital sauce

    139. Ok sauce

    140. Pork satay skewers 

    141. Beef satay skewers

    142. Spicy King Prawn skewers

    143. Crispy chicken in sesame sauce

    144. Crispy King prawns in sesame sauce

    145. Gyoza (Jiaoza)

    146. Duck stuffed with king prawns (Pak Far Duck)

    147. Amber fire chicken

    148. Sour apple crispy pork

    149. Chilli and garlic fried rice

    150. Garlic fried rice

    151. Bean sprout fried rice

    152. Hot bean fried rice

    153. Black bean chow

    154. Garlic explained

    155. Potato starch slurry

    156. munch box

    157. Wok Hei

    158. MSG - Browning

    159. Garlic Chilli Chicken (hot wok oil version)


    Hope you like the recipe list!

    Chin and Choo

    Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!

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