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  • Why is custard powder used?
    It's used for serveal reasons; it's used for colour, with out it the batter will not brown, its also adds sweetness without using sugar that can burn and give a light eggy flavour.
  • Can I use corn starch in stead of potato starch?
    Yes you can, it won't be as good but it is the next best thing.
  • Can I use instant custard powder?
    No, it will not work.
  • What is MSG?
    MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a flavour enchancer and a form of salt, over the years it was given a bad name due to poor science and xenophic mind sets, mordern science has since proven it safe and destroyed all research methods that gave false results.
  • What rice do you use?
    Many will just use triple A grade long grain, good places will used a blend of triple A grade long grain and Thai fragrant in a 2:1 ratio.
  • My noodles are sticky, how come?"
    There 3 reasons for this: 1) Your wok need seasoning. or 2) You've over cooked your noodles. or 3) You haven't wasted the starch off your noodles using cold water.
  • What oil do you use?
    You can use any neutral flavoured oil, but takeaways will nearly always use vegetable oil.
  • Why can't I use olive oil?
    Olive oil isn't recommended as it has a low burning temprature, it had make your food taste off because of it, also olives aren't a flavour that is use in Chinese cooking, its why you don't see olives on a Chinese takeaway menu.
  • Where is my cookbook?
    Please check you haven't ordered a pre order, if so you've ordered a pre order and will be shipped when avaible.
  • Where's my order?
    Please check you haven't ordered items with a pre order, as stated in the listing of any pre order any items ordered with the pre order will be shipped with the pre order. To have other items arrive sooner please make a seprate order.
  • Where's my order? I didn't pre order a cookbook
    Please email us and we can help from there.
  • Do you have a grocery shop we can visit?
    No sorry we don't, the address given as stated is our office, we do have a restaurant called Ziangs 35a which serves East and South East Asian street food
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