Chin and Choo Cookery School

Learn to cook Chinese Takeaway to Malaysian street food in Chin and Choo's cookery school

This page has been set up to gauge the interest in a cookery school, if its something you'd be interested in please subscribe to the cookery school mailing list, to keep updated for when lessons go on sale.

We've already had loads of interest from people asking so if you don't want to miss out make sure you're subscribed and judging but previous interest course could sell out fast.

Lesson will be in 2 type; 3 hours or a full day.

Each Chinese/Malaysian/Thai lesson will be taught by Chin and Choo!

Example of courses:

(vegans will be catered for too)

Chinese Takeaway introduction 3 hour

Cooking theory

Knife skills

Vegetable prep

Meat prep

Products explained

Origins of dishes

Egg fried rice

Soft fried noodles

Chinese Takeaway 3 hour

Chow mein

Sweet and sour chicken balls

House special fired rice (with sauce)

Chinese Takeaway Full day (9am - 4pm)

Curry Paste/ beef curry

Chinese Roast duck

Chicken in black bean

Crisp beef

Smoked Crispy Chilli Chicken

Low mein

Online course will be offered too

As well as one on one cooking (in person and online)

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Cookery course are no long given in this location

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