This is a kit put together for vegans, with this kit you'll get 4 vegan recipe cards to help you get started with using the kit. These recipes are often exclusive to this kit!


This would make a perfect gift for any vegans who enjoy cooking.


What you get:


1kg rice

1x Mao Ploy Yellow curry paste 400g

LKK Mushroom sauce (vegan oyster sauce) 510g

2 tins of mock chicken 283g per tin

Bamboo shoots 540g

Coconut block 198g

2 blocks of Lucky Boat wholewheat no1 noodles 300g

Mapo Sauce 230g

Dried Chinese Mushrooms 90g

Water Chestnuts 500g

4x vegan recipe cards (exclusive to this kit)

  • Mapo tofu
  • Fried rice
  • Chow mein
  • Yellow curry


To cook the recipes you need a few extra ingredients such as soy sauce, MSG, potato starch etc we havent included them in this kit as this is meant to be an add on to what ever you already have.

Vegan ingredients kit with 4 recipe cards