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Why you NEED an induction hob?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Alot of our youtube comments ask about induction cookers so I though a quick blog on the subject would help.

We in all honesty are old school and have a gas cooker, but we also use it conjunction with a stand alone induction cooker and if we could afford an induction range there is a good chance we'd switch over, they weren't a thing when we originally got the range installed.

We use induction hobs exclusively in our restaurants, more out of necessity to begin with as Porlock has no mains gas, but get an awesome 4G signal, which blows my mind, no gas but you can send a selfie, how did that even happen?

The 1st induction hob we got was a buffalo, the same as the one below, that was over 7 years ago and its still working, after heavy use, which is incredible. These buffalo ones aren't great for lower temp cooking but for high heat fast there second to none, in the new restaurant we have an LPG supply but we still only every use these induction cookers. In the words of mum "they get hot like hot in heeerrrreee". the heat is so quick that its just way more cost effective to use and you don't sacrifice any flavor.

These aren't cheap at around £150 each, (link to buy one here https://amzn.to/2YzhQw9) but they are so worth it, the one at home see's more use than the actual gas cooker. If you're serious about Asian food and don't want to sped the thousands on a wok burner this is the next best thing. If we can run 2 highly rated oriental restaurants using these, then you can do it at home with ease, people who say you need a wok burner ether don't know how to cook or are just stubborn and proberly believe the earth is flat, these people are not to be trusted.

Anyway we hope this helps you and if you've been on the fence about getting one, don't hesitate, they really are worth it.

Happy Cooking, Happy Eating!

Chin and choo