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Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe list (5ltrs)

Sweet and sour sauce is a massive deal in Chinese takeaway cooking, its in many dishes and is awesome full stop. We tend to find making it in large batches enhances the flavor, but I feel that might just be in my head lol.

Sweet and sour is great as a main dish but also amazing as a dipping sauce, especially with deep fried food, as the sharpness of the vinegar cuts nicely through the grease, even though I'm not a fish fan, sweet and sour sauce with battered cod is amazing.

We have many recipes where the sweet and sour sauce is used as ether the main sauce or as a "base" sauce in our cookbook, which is available to pre-order <click here to pre-order> . We only have a LIMITED print run so make sure you reserve yours if you want one, if not, just continue to watch our content for as long as you still enjoy watching Mum be Mum :)


1.5 ltrs distilled malt vinegar

3.3 ltrs water 500ml double concentrate of orange squash (got this wrong in the video)

2-3 large oranges

500g fresh ginger

1 bulb of garlic

2-3 piece of cinnamon bark

1 handful of star anise

1 tea spoon of cloves

250ml tomato puree (you can add more for a deeper red colour)

1.5kg of white sugar

4 table spoons of oil