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Salt & Chilli Roast Potatoes Recipe

Why not mix the best part of a roast dinner and one of the favourite dishes found on a Chinese takeaway menu? well someone did just that and its amazing. This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe we were tagged in on Instagram by @scran.kev Where they combined perfectly roasted potatoes with Chinese Takeaway salt and chilli seasoning, I'd say we've only changed about 5% of their original recipe and added how to make the salt and pepper seasoning required.

The original recipe was created for vegans in mind but we've adapted it slightly so now its no longer vegan friendly, but the vegan version from @scran.kev is till available to view on their Instagram page, so head over there, even as a meat eater a lot of their dishes look amazing and well worth the trip over.

First off, you will have to mix up a batch of salt and pepper seasoning, this you can make in a large batch and as long as it's kept in an air tight container it will last. This isn't the same recipe as in our cookbook, we wanted to show another variation of the mix and there are 100s across the UK. I've hyper linked the ingredients directly if we sell them on our online webstore, all you have to do is click on them.

Ingredients for salt and pepper seasoning:

- 2 dsp ground white pepper

- 4 dsp ground black pepper

- 1 dsp Chinese 5 spice

- 2 dsp sand ginger

- 2 dsp salt

*dsp = dessert spoon

Ingredients for 4 portions:

- 2kg of potatoes (Maris pipers are preferred but any will do)

- 2 chopped onions

- 1 chopped green pepper

- 1 chopped red pepper

- 6 chopped spring onions

- 1 thinly sliced carrot

- 2 tsp garlic puree (click here for how to make video)

- 1 tablespoon chilli flakes

- Fresh Chilli's to extra kick (optional)