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Chinese Crispy Gu Lao Pork Recipe

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is a dish we used to serve in our Chinese Takeaways, we still make this for ourselves and is always a huge crowd pleaser at most of our family gatherings, that and beer, we like beer (drink responsibly).

I posted a image of this dish on my Instagram www.instagram.com/chin_ziangs (follow for video and recipe updates) and thought I'd ask if anyone wanted to see this as a recipe blog, because a couple voiced this would something you'd like to see here it is.

The sauce its self is very similar to a kung po but its much smoother and less sharp, works very nicely with fish like sea bass and red meat and yes goes perfectly with beer. I personally will eat this with boiled rice as in my eyes it opens us the flavors and you can taste the stubble like high notes of Chinese spices and the basey low notes of black bean, fried rice tends to overwhelm it with flavor, but if that what you like then by all means do it, cooking is all about you, f**k what everyone else says, if its right for you it cannot be wrong.

As always with our recipes not using the right ingredients means it will taste different, changing the cuts of meat, vegetables and even the brands will dramatically alter the flavor.

Crispy Gu Lao Pork

The Recipe

Serves 3/4

Cooking time: 30 mins

This dish has 2 parts, the batter and then the sauce, we recommend for to do the pork 1st then let it sit while you do the sauce, then once the sauce is finished you can Finnish off the pork then add it to the sauce.

This does take a bit of practice as you kind of need to be able to do it from memory to get the best results, but that will come with time.

The Ingredients