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Chinese BBQ spare ribs

Its been a while since the last blog post and wanted to do something most people love, and with the new range of spices on our online store its never been easier to get the products you need at a great price.

Ribs for me are a must whenever I eat my own takeaway or I'm buying one on my day off, and yes I pay for takeaway because for me not having to cook is part of the fun of it, well for me anyway. Having said that I've had some pretty awful ribs from takeaways in my time, some with no flavour at all, other where there is so little meat they might all we off just given me bones in a sauce. So here is a way to make sure you get great tasting ribs that actually have meat on them.

Oh and the great thing about making ribs is that the by-product is BBQ sauce, the liquor you use to cook them in is in fact what the takeaways and restaurants use as BBQ sauce.

Some of my earliest photos and memories are of me eating freshly made ribs in my auntie storeroom of her takeaway, throughout my youth I was constantly getting told off for eating the fresh-made ribs, as I'd used to sneak into the second kitchen where they were cooling down and I'd rip the chunky pieces of meat of the ribs. When Mum caught me, there was always hell to pay, never stopped me though because ribs are life haha.

Below please find the list of ingredients you'll need to make Chinese Takeaway ribs, this is the actual recipe we use in my takeaway.

Ingredients list: Items we sell are hyperlinked to our webstore

750g 1 rack of meaty pork ribs

1/4 tin Hoisin (See our website for the brand to use.)

1/2 tin crushed yellow bean paste (See our website for the brand to use.)

200g sugar

5 tsp five spice

1 cinnamon stick

100g tomato purée (for colour)

1 tsp of ground fennel

1 tsp of cloves

1 hand full of star anise

1 white onion (sliced)

1 bulb of garlic purée