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Chicken Ball recipe list

Chinese takeaway chicken balls (or chicken fingers in the USA) are simple to learn how to make, but takes practice to master, it’s the technique that makes them round, they still taste the same if you can’t get them round but don’t look as great, if you’re not worried about that then you’ve already won.

The flour also plays a huge role in getting these correct. Green dragon self-raising flour is a must for this chicken ball recipe to work out really well, the reason is that it’s a much finer grain and has a lot fewer ingredients add to it which makes it purer. Using normally self-raising flour rises differently too, so they tend to want to absorb oil like sponges.

Most places serve this sweet and sour sauce to dip it into, so I will link the video we made for a quick sweet and sour sauce below, as well as the method video for the chicken balls


300g cubes (approx 2.5cm by 2.5cm) raw chicken breast

2/3 Tsp MSG

½ Tsp Salt

½ Tsp ground black pepper

220g Green Dragon self-raising flour (no other flour will work as well or taste the same) <click here to buy>

350ml lukewarm water

3 litres of vegetable oil


Please watch the video for the method, it's also important to note the way Mum holds and lets go of the chicken balls to make the round.

Quick sweet and sour sauce recipe and method: