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Help us self publish our cook book and go full time

Many have asked for another way to give a small donation to the channel without having to use patreon.

So here is a link to our Paypal, you can donate as little as $0.50, its only in dollars as thats just how Paypal works.

Simple click the donate button and donate the amount you wish.

All donations will help go along way to becoming full time and help self publish our cook book we are writing. As no publishing company will look at us with out an agent we are forced to do it all ourseleves. The amount we need to print to make the cost viable for people to buy are in the 1000's so we need a large fund to do this. Anything even $0.50 goes a long to getting us there.

Donations are just an extra way to give back to us and we don't expect anyone to donate if they don't want to, we're happy for you to just keep watching and enjoying our content, but for those that do you have no idea what this small gesture means to us.

love Chin and Choo


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