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Lucky boat noodles No:1’s thick No'2 Thin

Tolly Boy/pheonix long grain rice 

Green dragon Thai fragrant rice 

Lee Kum Kee light soy sauce

Lee Kum Kee dark soy sauce

Lee Kum Kee Hoi Sin (tin)

Lee Kum Kee Crushed yellow bean paste (tin)

Lee Kum Kee Premium oyster sauce

Eastern star curry powder

KTC coconut cream block

Bird’s original custard powder

Green dragon self-raising flour

Yang Jiang Preserved Black Beans with Ginger

Zheng Feng Chinese five spice powder

Lucky fish ground ginger (which is actually ground sand ginger)

Jimmy’s satay sauce/ Yeo’s satay sauce

Yeo’s hot bean sauce

Heinz tomato ketchup

HP brown sauce

Lea and Perrin Worcestershire sauce


16CM natural granite pestle and mortar

If you don't have a pestle and mortar, get one, huge use in traditional Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cooking.

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buffalo cooker.jpg

Buffalo 3kw Induction Cooker.

We use these in our shop for dishes that need high heat fast, such as dry noodle dishes or searing meat. These are powerful so require you to run them off a socket with no other electronic equipment attached to it, other wise you may keep tripping the fuse.

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Tefal 2.1kw Induction Cooker.

We use these in our shop and at home for dishes that need a constant heat, the buffalo cookers heat then stop, these do not.

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Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Enamel Classic Series Non-stick Wok 28cm Black

A great all round wok, but it doesn't work on induction cookers, this is our go to Wok for our home gas burner.

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Tefal C6451942 Titanium Excel Wok Pan, Black Stone Effect, 28 cm

One of our go to woks for use with induction cookers.

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Vogue L259 Stainless Steel Chinese Cleaver, 20.5 cm Blade Length

Every kitchen need a meat cleaver and this is a good one, we use these one in our restaurants, Vogue is a well know company in the catering industry.

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Kitchen Perfected Lloytron Non Stick Rice Cooker, 350 W, 0.8 Litre

No modern Chinese person is cooking there rice in a pan, if you are serious out Chinese cooking you need a rice cooker. There cheap and will last ages. This is a small rice cooker, perfect for someone living alone or a gift for someone leaving for uni.

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Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker, 1.8L, White, 1.8Ltr

As above but this is a larger cooker, brilliant for a small and large family.

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KitchenCraft Chinese Spider Skimmer , 33 cm (13")

One of the most useful pieces of equipment we use in our restaurants, take things like spring rolls out of hot oil, or noodles out of boiling water, not a day goes by where these aren't used.

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Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer

We use this in our videos to show you temperatures of liquids, this can only take surface temperatures so its perfect for checking if you oil is hot enough for deep frying.

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COOLEAD® Cooking Thermometer,Digital Instant Read Thermometer 

The most used bit of equipment in our kitchen, every dish that leaves is probed and these are so cheap but guarantee your food is safe to eat.

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Buffalo Electric Rice Cooker 6Ltr

This is the rice cooker we use in our shops, so unless you have a family with 20 kids or run a small restaurant this may not be for you. However if you do these are really good, we run 3 at a time.

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Green Pan Casserole / Aluminium non-stick casserole with glass lid 24 cm

We use this pan alot at home, for slow cooking traditional Chinese foods and making curry pastes, it doesn't work with induction cookers but they type of cooking we do with this needs a constant heat that induction cookers aren't great for unless there on full.

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Vogue Hancock 13" Commercial Quality Carbon Steel Flat Base Wok

These are the woks that 99% of Chinese Takeaways use on 13kw gas burners, although there not Vogue brand they are same, these are just re-branded by Vogue for the western market. These also work on induction hobs too!

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Westmark" Gallant Vegetable/Wokspoon, TPE, Black/Red, 31.5 x 7.2 x 2.5 cm

These are brilliant for use with non stick woks, which we actually prefer to use.

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MasterClass Induction-Safe Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid, 11 Litre

Very similar to the pot we use to make the 1st sweet and sour sauce video, the make that we had we can no longer find, this is just as good.

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